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Boots: Locums no longer need to use MyTime to clock in and out

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Boots: Locums no longer need to use MyTime to clock in and out

By Neil Trainis

Boots has said it has updated its guidance to pharmacy teams to clarify that locums no longer have to use a digital system known as MyTime to clock themselves in and out of work at its branches.

The multiple told Independent Community Pharmacist that locums no longer need to enter their General Pharmaceutical Council registration number to log their working hours on the system after the founder of The Pharmacist Cooperative Tohidul Islam took to Twitter to ask if any locums working for Boots had been asked to clock in and give their fingerprint so live attendance data can be sent to HMRC. According to Boots, locums have never been required to scan their finger on MyTime.

“The attendance platform that Boots team members use requires them to scan their finger at the beginning and end of their shift to easily capture their worked time. We do not require locum pharmacists to use this platform. We have updated our guidance to store teams to ensure this is clear,” a Boots spokesperson said.

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