CPD Update: Travel Vaccinations


  • Objectives
  • Travel health and vaccines
  • Bacterial diseases and vaccinations
  • Viral diseases and vaccinations
  • Precautions
  • Risk of exposure
  • Additional protection
  • Malaria
  • Travel health information
  • Pharmacy travel services
  • Useful resources
  • References
  • Action & Evaluation



After completing this module, you should be more aware of:

·       the vaccines commonly supplied as part of a travel vaccination service

·       core features of vaccines and disease risks associated with travel health

·       resources with the latest health information

·       opportunities for pharmacy travel vaccination services

CPD cycle


What is your understanding of travel vaccination? Do you know which vaccines are most commonly recommended, or which are required? Have you considered offering a vaccination service?


What do you need to find out about travel health and vaccination? Is there any seasonality in requests for information, or are you planning an awareness campaign or a new service?


In addition to reading this article, what other activities will you do? What resources have you identified or used?


How will you put your learning into practice? Can you record the next five customer enquiries about travel health and vaccination and how you were able to help them? Will you look into providing a travel vaccination service?


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