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CPD module: infant feeding

We examine the nutritional requirements of infant and follow-on formula.


After completing this module you should be more aware of:

  • the updating of European regulations around infant and follow-on formula.
  • the differences between infant formula and follow-on formula.
  • the elements of nutrition considered necessary for infants if not being breast-fed.
  • the difference between ‘milk’ and ‘formula’ in naming a product.
  • permitted sources of protein on which formula is based.
  • the use of age-appropriate daily reference intake values.
  • the distinction between ‘indispensable’ and ‘conditionally indispensable’ amino acids.
  • permitted lipids and the reductions in the maximum levels of the long chain fatty acids, linoleic acid and erucic acid.
  • permitted carbohydrates and required minerals and vitamins.
  • the recent reduction in the vitamin D level in formula.
  • labelling requirements and the promotion of breastfeeding over formula.
  • restrictions on the marketing of infant formula. 



Picture: FatCamera (iStock)