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CPD Module: Digestive disorders

Charles Gladwin examines common pathogens involved in gastroenteritis and food poisoning.

After completing this module, you should be more aware of:

·       The prevalence of sickness and diarrhoea associated with common pathogens;

·       Key bacterial and viral pathogens;

·       Variation in disease notification requirements;

·       The vomiting centre in the brain and stimulant pathways and neurotransmitters;

·       How pathogens can exert a physiological response including via enterotoxins;

·       Incubation periods and differences in symptoms for common pathogens;

·       Transmission of pathogens, epidemiology and burden on health services;

·       Precautionary steps which can be taken to minimise risk;

·       Management of symptoms and referral.



(Picture: Tharakorn - iStock)

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