CPD module: Headache and migraine


  • Learning objectives
  • Headache classification
  • Migraine
  • Drugs linked to headaches
  • Red flags
  • Management
  • Drug management - headache
  • Drug management - migraine
  • Transcutaneous stimulation
  • Supraorbital nerve
  • Useful resources and further reading
  • References
  • Action & Evaluation

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you should be more aware of:

● The key distinguishing features of common types of headache and migraine
● Symptoms to look out for other than head pain
● How different patient groups may be affected
● Management approaches, including current NICE recommendations

What is your understanding of headache and migraine?
Are you aware of the characteristics of the different types of headache?
What symptoms would make you want to refer a patient?

What do you need to find out about headache and migraine, and by when?
Have you any awareness campaigns planned around headache or migraine?
How will the CPD help your practice?

In addition to reading this article, what other activities will you do?
What resources have you identified or used?

How will you put your learning into practice?
Can you record the next 10 customer enquiries about headache and see how many may be undiagnosed migraine?
What did you advise?


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