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Brits blind to danger of blepharitis


Brits blind to danger of blepharitis

The majority of people in the UK are in the dark when it comes to the eye condition blepharitis, a survey8 for Bausch + Lomb has found.

Only one in four (26%) was aware that blepharitis existed while two out of five (41%) had no idea what caused it. A similar number (40%) had no idea how to manage it.

Blepharitis is characterised by crusty deposits around the lashes, gritty and painful eyes and irritation around the eyelids. It accounts for around one in 20 GP appointments for eye problems. If it is not managed, or does not respond to therapy, blepharitis can also lead to ulceration of the cornea and permanent damage to vision.

Leading ocular expert, Francesca Marchetti, a member of the WINK advisory eye-care panel, says: “Given how many people are affected by blepharitis, and the implications for vision if it is not managed effectively, these findings are extremely worrying.”

She says: “The first line treatment for blepharitis is using a combination of heat therapy, eye massage and good eyelid hygiene every day, this will manage the condition and in many cases will prevent further flare-ups.”

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) advises: “Eyelid hygiene is essential and this should be continued even when symptoms are well controlled.”

According to Bausch + Lomb, insomnia, sugary diets, air conditioning and long hours at computer screens are driving an epidemic of burning or gritty eyes, because they can all increase the risk of blepharitis.

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