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'Grand Alliance' to tackle antibiotic resistance urged

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'Grand Alliance' to tackle antibiotic resistance urged

Antibiotic Research UK’s chief executive has called for a UK-focused action plan to tackle antibiotic resistance.

Professor Colin Garner urged the formation of a Grand Alliance to bring together the UK government, the pharmaceutical industry, collective medical research charities, academics and the public to produce a UK-focused 'Grand Strategic Plan'.

“We believe the Third Sector has a pivotal role to play in tackling antibiotic resistance," said Garner. "Numerous surveys have shown that charities can provide a bridgehead between official organisations and the public. We want to see a a Grand Alliance formed of all stakeholders including other medical research charities that focus on cancer treatments, heart surgery, organ transplantation, childbirth, joint replacement etc.

"This is a serious issue that is causing deaths. If it was anything else, people would be up in arms about it. But because it is hidden they just let it pass. It does not really have a ‘face’ because most people who die of drug-resistant infections, their families think they died of an uncontrolled infection. It will only get worse unless we take strong action everywhere across the globe.

"We need some real work on the ground to make a difference or we risk the end of modern medicine."

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