The trouble with technology

Claire Ward warns of the dangers of getting carried away with digital technology

Implications of the junior doctors' dispute

Onlooker considers the rights and wrongs of the junior doctors' dispute

A scary tale

Once upon a time, in England, as independent contractors around the country focused their skill and dedication on supporting the health of their patients during one of the busiest weeks of the year, a group of disingenuous civil servants somewhere in Whitehall were feeling a little guilty about the contrived letter they had told the intern to send to pharmacy bodies. They had typed it hastily between important meetings and hoped the fudge would go unnoticed ...

Local emergency supply scheme would save £120k

NHS-funded emergency supply scheme is a viable option to reduce NHS workload, concludes study

Corporate rulings

Onlooker considers the changing face of the profession

The definition debate

Claire Ward considers the difference between hub and spoke and centralised dispensing

So near, and yet so far

The editor's views on November's events

The best of times, and the worst of times

ICP editor Steve Bremer considers the latest messages from NHS England

Onlooker considers pharmacy in the media

Onlooker on Doc Martin, the PJ, and the Independent Pharmacy Awards

Look before you leap into a brave new world

Dispensing hubs may be the future, but are they really the best solution for every pharmacy?

Brave hearts required with cautious minds

The editor's view on August's pharmacy politics

How to sell pharmacy

How pharmacy can make a good case for itself

Time to fill your glass

A new advanced service and funding for practice pharmacists - what more could we ask for?

GPs: working with them, or for them?

£15m funding for clinical pharmacists in GP practices: Mukesh Lad considers the implications

More leadership, please

Claire Ward on why pharmacy needs more good leaders

Onlooker on the new RPS HQ and practice pharmacists

Looking back at RPS headquarters over the years, and forward with the new Tower Hamlets HQ

Script numbers up 55% since 2004

Prescription numbers up 55 per cent in 10 years, but costs rise by less than 10 per cent

More legislation looming

Sid Dajani on EU medical devices legislation

A good news month for a change

Summary care records access for pharmacists signals a great leap forward

Onlooker questions national minor ailments service

When is a national service not national?
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Latest News

New tool helps Numark members to use NHS data fully

Numark believes the platform will revolutionise the way its members access and use NHS data.

'Crucial for health leaders to engage with pharmacy', says RPS

RPS England has called on the NHS to make the most of pharmacy to support patient care.


Up in smoke

Scott Banks looks into a few websites that pharmacy staff can recommend to customers looking to kick the habit.

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Training can boost employee engagement levels, improve performance and help retain key talent.

Pharmacy Education Programme

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Tackling the big issues

The changing face of pharmacy leadership means there are plenty of new faces on stage in the Keynote Theatre at this yea...

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