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Alliance beats the weather with 99% of deliveries completed

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Alliance beats the weather with 99% of deliveries completed

Alliance Healthcare completed 99 per cent of its scheduled deliveries to pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing doctors, despite the recent severe weather in parts of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

These figures highlight the strength of the wholesaler's winter preparedness, said Gordon Cox, its operations director. “We undertake a number of activities throughout the year to ensure we have the right contingency plans in place in the event of disruption to our service," he said.

"These include an official severe weather crisis plan – with varying levels of activation depending on the nature of the event. Our service centres are also stocked with all requirements for severe weather, such as all-terrain vehicles, yard grit, salt, and we employ the support of local JCB and tractor contractors in the event of heavy snow so our vehicles can get out on the road.'

Alliance undertakes the following activities to prepare for potential disruptions:

  • Advance deliveries to customers prior to the Christmas and New Year period and daily calls during winter peak times to ensure stock levels are maintained
  • All service centres are stocked with items to assist in severe weather events such as four-wheel drive vehicles, yard grit, salt and snow shovels
  • Vans are kitted out with snow kits including shovels, bags of grit, winter coats, winter tyres, snow chains and snow socks where needed
  • Couriers are used to make deliveries if needed
  • Local emergency services are contacted to facilitate a coordinated response to maintain an emergency supply.

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