Pancreatic cancer – the role of the pharmacist


  • Pancreatic cancer – the role of the pharmacist
  • Learning objectives
  • The role of the pancreas
  • Overview of pancreatic cancer
  • Pharmacy case study
  • Relevance of symptoms to community pharmacy
  • Risk factors
  • Risk factors
  • Risk factors
  • Learning Scenario
  • The role of the pharmacy team
  • Post-test questions
  • Action & Evaluation

Pancreatic cancer – the role of the pharmacist

As a community pharmacist, you may think that people suffering from cancer can only be supported by their GP or in a hospital setting. Although diagnosis will be by a doctor, symptoms will often present long before.

This module will help you to understand the key role you can play in spotting symptoms of pancreatic cancer for early diagnosis, which can significantly improve survival rates.

Originally Published by Pharmacy Magazine


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