New app pushes self-care agenda

The app directs consumers to the pharmacy rather than the GP for common healthcare ailments.

Immuno-oncology revolution underway

Advances in immuno-oncology (IO) are revolutionising the standard of care for many types of cancer.

Testicular cancer app launched

Each month a celebrity will encourage users to check themselves, this will be done through a video on the app.

Older asthma patients more likely to have 'flare-ups'

New research has real implications for the way asthma is treated in the over 55 age group.

Call for lung health check for over 40s

The British Thoracic Society has used the data to renew its call on the Government to ‘get serious about tackling lung disease’.

Inappropriate inhaler prescribing rife in COPD treatment

One in 10 people identified as having COPD have no definitive diagnosis, yet the majority of them are being prescribed inhaled drugs.

Type 2 diabetes can be put into remission, suggests study

The findings could revolutionise the way Type 2 diabetes is treated.

Viagra moves from POM to P

The decision was made following a reassuring assessment of the safety of  Viagra Connect.

FIP highlights role of pharmacists in harm reduction services

The report also considers the sale of marijuana from a pharmacy.

Elderly should avoid sedentary lifestyle, warns study

Any physical activity in the elderly is better than none at all for reducing cardiovascular risk, according to an 18-year study.

Leicester joins global urban diabetes challenge

Leicester joins the likes of Copenhagen, Mexico City, Rome and Shanghai in becoming part of the programme.

New online course tackles type 2 diabetes prevention

Merck is partnering with the International Diabetes Federation to implement new education and communications activities.

Public still failing to exploit pharmacy as first point of call

PAGB survey shows that people are still visiting a doctor instead of a pharmacist for self-treatable conditions.

Poor knowledge of anatomy may hinder self care

The only organ which 100% of people knew the location of correctly was the brain.

Patients missing out on pharmacist eye care expertise

According to a new survey, over one in three (77%) pharmacists estimate that less than 20% of their patients seek advice about eye health.

High level of loneliness found in UK psoriasis sufferers

The first World Psoriasis Happiness Report shows the UK ranks third from bottom.

Priorities for Type 2 diabetes research put in spotlight

Finding a cure, or a way to put the condition into remission emerged as the key priority.

Stress major trigger for IBS, finds survey

It is estimated that up to one in five people in the UK develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome at some stage in their life.

Charity's fears for painkiller restrictions

Pregabalin and gabapentin restrictions would have a serious impact on people who depend on the medication for relief from long-term pain, says Pain Concern.

'Grand Alliance' to tackle antibiotic resistance urged

A 'Grand Alliance' could produce a UK-focused 'Grand Stategic Plan'.
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New app pushes self-care agenda

The app directs consumers to the pharmacy rather than the GP for common healthcare ailments.

RPS presses for better use of Pharmacy Integration Fund

The Fund should be used to accelerate referral to pharmacy schemes to help prevent readmissions into overstretched hospi...


New app pushes self-care agenda

The app directs consumers to the pharmacy rather than the GP for common healthcare ailments.

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