Going against the grain

Richard Hough suggests that, counter-intuitively, the pharmacy cuts could actually lead to business expansion.

Feeling the squeeze?

With the funding cuts and the more recent Category M clawback announcement, what can contractors do to reduce the cash flow squeeze?

Location, location, location

Google My Business is a great free tool that ensures your pharmacy doesn't fall off the map, says Saam Ali.

Team talk

When the pressure's on, delegation can be a game changer maintains Emma Charlesworth, head of marketing at Numark.

Value judgements

Anne Hutchings advises on how independent pharmacy owners can increase the value of their pharmacies.

In search of the good life

Lifestyle lures are keeping the pharmacy market buoyant in the South West.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Richard Hough examines the potential pitfalls of collaborative working practices.

Insta gratification

Is there any room for independents to use Instagram as a marketing tool for independents?

Are you malware aware?

Richard Hough advises on the best digital defence when it comes to patient data protection.

Master your metrics

Saam Ali says it’s time to stop thinking ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and start thinking ‘engagement’

Missing LinkedIn?

Numark's John Whittam explains why LinkedIn can be a useful platform for community pharmacists.

Getting down to srs bzns on Facebook

Saam Ali explains why Facebook is one of the best marketing tools for community pharmacy there is.

Standard procedures

Gary Choo, head of information services at Numark, explains how the new General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) standards will impact independents

Southern comfort

Why are people still looking to invest in the pharmacy sector? Mark page, director at Christie & Co, has the answer

Great expectations

With the GPhC’s new standards for pharmacy professionals coming into force, Marie Dancer and Wendy Hewitt examine the implications.

Is your patient data fully protected?

The ICO has published a useful blog on its website about how to prevent ransomware attacks.

Parallel worlds

Pharmacy lawyer Richard Hough examines the possible ramifications of Brexit on the parallel import of pharmaceutical products into the UK

Get your bounce back!

Given the sector’s recent instability, Mandeep Mudhar, director of marketing and professional development at Numark, addresses some commonly felt concerns

Managing costs

Gary Choo, head of Information Services at Numark, answers readers’ questions about cost management, and explains how to avoid common pitfalls

It's looking good up North

The pharmacy market in the north of England is strong, say Oliver Brown and Oscar James, business agents - medical at Christie & Co.
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Gear up for Mouth Cancer Action Month

More than 7,500 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer a year in the UK.

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