As winter approaches it is important to change our skincare regime to tackle the changing conditions

Here we look at a selection of new and refreshed products to give your skincare channel a boost

As winter arrives, the sudden change in weather can have a huge effect on the skin. “Cold wind-chill factors and central heating can be harsh on the skin and cause skin problems, often irritating the delicate exposed areas on our face and hands,” says Nelly Bennett, skincare advisor for natural skincare range Hope’s Relief. The incidences of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and often rosacea, all tend to increase during the winter.

“Lips are often one of the first areas to suffer from this during the winter months and can get chapped and inflamed. An increase in the incidence of the common cold and the repeated blowing and wiping of the nose and immediate areas only exacerbate this problem,” says Ms Bennett. Skin can become red and dry. Scaling and flaking may then develop as the natural moisture levels become depleted.

Going microbead-free

The UK government plans to scrap products with microbeads – the small pieces of plastic that are harmful to marine life – by the end of 2017. So pharmacists may want to look ahead and stock up on microbead-free skincare products this season.

Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel, a microbead-free exfoliator for dry skin, was launched three years ago in UK. The product originated from the Asian market, where skincare is taken seriously, with higher
spending than on make-up. Manufacturer Janiro claims that the product has even helped with concerns like acne and scarring.

In August this year, Janiro released Ginvera MarvelWhite, which includes Japanese shiso extract and Swiss cress sprout to help reduce inflammation from allergic reactions, acne, hay fever, dermatitis and eczema.

Business development director Jan Mick says that exfoliation is key to promoting healthy skin. “As winter approaches it is important to change our skincare regime to tackle the changing conditions indoors and outdoors.

“The skin dries out in the cold weather, leading to tight, dry irritated skin. As there is less moisture in the air, skin can look dull and tired. Dead skin cells and impurities can reduce the effective absorption from products applied to the skin.”

Purifying pores

There is good news for acne sufferers this season, with the launch of the first ever sebum purifier product for adult acne. Sebopure, from Clarol, works by ‘cleaning up’ the sebum that is over-produced by acne sufferers. Its key ingredient, pixalia, derived from wild mustard leaf oil, encourages the body to process sebum naturally.

Skin biochemist Dr Barbara Brockway explains how it works: “Pixalia is a polyphenol-rich extract with seven scientific studies showing its effectiveness for helping acne, and its function for preventing acne is relatively simple.”

Rancid sebum causes acne, says Dr Brockway, which occurs when sebum is oxidised at the skin’s surface and starts to rot, providing a food source for acne bacteria. “Pixalia’s main function is that it prevents the oxidation process of sebum, keeping sebum preserved and pure. In conclusion, if sebum remains pure the acne bacteria are effectively starved, resulting in less pore blockages and less acne.”

Warming up

Sporty customers this winter may be interested in a new topical massage gel to warm up sore and aching muscles.

Robinson Young launched Pernaton Forte in July; it is produced from New Zealand green-lipped mussel extract, perna, which contains high-grade glycosaminoglycans (GAG), naturally occurring glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids. Cayenne pepper extract in the gel heats the skin and stimulates muscles and circulation.

The gel is marketed at active people and those who experience muscle and joint discomfort and stiffness, particularly when warming up or winding down after exercise.

Hope for dry skin

The natural skincare brand, Hope’s Relief, originally developed by an Australian naturopath, continues to make headway in the UK with the launch of three new products for eczema and psoriasis. Its Oatmeal Lotion, Gel Lotion and Moisturising Spray were launched in May 2016 and are distributed via Sigma, GD Cooper, Veggie Mart and CLF.

Meghna Patel, director of brand owner Mahi Naturals, says the products demonstrate innovation in the natural dry skin category. “The Hope’s Relief brand is well established in the UK and fast becoming a household name as consumers look for natural and non-steroidal products to manage dry skin and eczema that are safe for all ages, including babies. The multi-award winning range offers effective therapeutic formulas to address problem dry skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.”

Hope’s Relief offers point-of-sale material including banners, counter display units, training and customer samples.

For working hands

O’Keeffe’s Company has launched Working Hands hand cream in a new tube format, targeting both male and female consumers for the first time, and supported with a £2.5m marketing campaign that includes TV advertising in November.

Simon Damp, UK managing director of O’Keeffe’s says: “O’Keeffe’s Working Hands has more than exceeded expectations since it first launched from America into the UK six years ago, and more recently we have seen a growing demand for the product to be developed into an easier-to-use formula, in a more convenient tube format.”

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream is available in 85g tubes in a five-piece display and as a 48-piece floor display. The original 96g jars are still available in a six-piece clip strip, a six and 16-piece counter top display, and as a 48-piece floor display.

Making a comeback

GSK’s medicated Polytar Scalp Shampoo made a comeback in June this year after a four-year break. The psoriasis shampoo was discontinued in 2012, when the manufacturer was unable to source a supply of the raw materials which met Good Manufacturing Practice standards, but it has since found an alternative option. The medicated shampoo contains coal tar solution, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and breaks down keratin, which can cause thickening of the skin.

Lisa Goodman, skincare brand manager at GSK, explains: “Polytar Scalp Shampoo contains coal tar solution (4 per cent), which can reduce scales, inflammation and itchiness in scalp conditions such as psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, eczema and dandruff. The previous Polytar shampoo formulations contained 1 per cent of coal tar blend (comprising pine tar, cade oil, coal tar solution and arachis oil extract of coal tar) and were indicated for scalp conditions such as psoriasis, dandruff, seborrhoea, eczema and pruritus.”

Skincare super foods

Inner-Soul Organics launched its Supreme Comfort Daytime Moisturiser day cream earlier this year. 

The ‘super food’ cream contains blackcurrant and rosehips with vitamin C, red-raspberry seeds with vitamins A and E, and starflower, which is rich in omega-6. The vitamins combine to encourage skin cell rejuvenation, natural immunity and hydration in this beauty product.

Back to basics

The manufacturer of Diprobase is stepping up its marketing for winter 2016. The range includes Diprobase Cream, which is the most prescribed emollient cream in primary care and the number one choice of cream in secondary care, it claims.

Pharmacists can access free training and education packages, an emollient calculator tool and resources for patients at www. Marketing for 2016 includes healthcare professional media and in-store support, care home education on emollient usage for elderly skin, and increased consumer media engagement to drive trial and recommendation.


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