With coursework deadlines looming and the A-level exam season starting across the UK, research by student staple Pro Plus has revealed that students are working right up to the last minute, which may be causing heightened stress levels.

As a result, the brand has pulled together some top tips to help ease exam stress. So should an anixous student (or parent) present in your pharmacy, Miriam Luff, brand manager, suggests you pass on the following: 

Schedule for success
Students need to work backwards from their deadlines to figure out how much time they need to revise for each module. Planning can help stop the feeling of being overwhelmed by leaving things to the last minute.

Superfoods to supercharge study
It's important to reach for foods that boost brain power such as fruits, nuts, eggs and green vegetables. 

Buddy up
Consider trying to find a study buddy. With many students admitting they need additional support, this could be a beneficial way of to keep focused with double the brain power.

Pick the perfect playlist
Music is a major contributor to modifying mood. When working towards a deadline Music Psychologist, Professor of Music and Associate Dean of the University of Huddersfield, Dr Ruper Till, suggested listening to a playlist which has slower tempo. "Slower music can calm your body, slowing the heart, reducing stress," he said. He has collaborated with Pro Plus to create the Study Like a Pro playlist, which helps students stay alert and focused. You can access it here



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