Eye care brand Optrex has developed an online tool that pharmacists can use to help them advise on dry eye symptoms.

The Optrex Blink Test has been clinically demonstrated to offer high specificity and sensitivity for identifying the likelihood of dry eye and can be quickly and easily carried out by a patient at the pharmacy, or even at home, without the need for specialist equipment.

The company says that the best results are achieved by completing the test in triplicate, however the tool itself can be a useful guide to aid pharmacists in their recommendations.

The test has been developed by RB in response to the rise in 21st century screen use. According to Optrex, most people spend 8 hours a day looking at screens, with younger generations now often multi-screening and using more than one device at a time. Staring at a screen reduces the eye’s blink rate by up to 60% and can trigger dryness, burning and irritation.

Dry eye is a condition that can often be under diagnosed due to a lack of understanding of its symptoms. However by driving awareness of dry eye, pharmacists can add value to their customers by recommending products to help treat dry eye in the pharmacy.

The quick, simple, digital test takes as little as 15 seconds to complete. Offering this test to consumers, says RB,  presents pharmacies with an opportunity to grow the category and drive sales by recommending relevant treatments and products to help dry eye suffers.



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