BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show discussed the recent case of a Slough pensioner who overdosed on her diabetes medicine after being given the wrong prescription by her pharmacy. 

Betty Mcleod, from Slough, was taken to hospital after taking twice her prescribed dose of Metformin for five days. Lloyds Pharmacy is currently investigating a "dispensing incident" at its pharmacy on Wexham Road in the town.

Vine asked whether patients should run their dosages via Google after receiving their prescription in order to avoid the danger of overdosing. "Do we have to be the last in line to check?" he queried.

A former Boots dispenser, identified only as 'Adam', was interviewed. He explained how the prescription system works and how the workings of a pharmacy are more complex than most people realise. He agreed that there should be some element of patient input into their own care.

Vine spoke to a number of listeners who had experienced prescription errors. 

You can listen to the segment here.


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