E-cigarette key weapon in NHS arsenal, say MPs

E-cigarettes should not be treated in the same way as conventional cigarettes, say MPs.

Aggressive lowering of systolic BP reduces dementia risk

Reductions in the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and the combination of MCI and dementia, have been shown for the first time.

Breast remains best for infants

The first official review of infant feeding practices in over 20 years continues to recommend that babies are exclusively breastfed until around 6 months of age.

Z-drugs linked to rise in harmful side effects in dementia

Medication commonly prescribed to people with dementia has been linked to an increase in harmful side-effects

NICE: antibiotics should be restricted for COPD

Healthcare professionals should consider the risk of antimicrobial resistance when deciding whether antibiotics are needed for treating or preventing a flare up of symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Healthwatch - August 2018

Brian Collet brings you the month's research news. 

Dementia now accounts for 13% of deaths

In 2017, there were 67,641 deaths attributed to the condition, up from 62,948 in 2016.

Number of smokers down nearly 20% in five years

And the number of vapers in England appears to have levelled off.

Severe obesity reaches record levels in 10-11 year olds

The new report findings also show stark health inequalities continue to widen.

Numark develops sore throat 'test and treat' resources

A 'test and treat' service is able to identify if a sore throat is due to a Streptococcus A bacterial infection.

Omega 3 supplements 'do not benefit heart health', say experts

The evidence comes from a new Cochrane systematic review which combines the results of 79 randomised trials involving 112,059 people.

Wockhardt discontinues Hypurin Bovine Insulin

All patients using Hypurin® Bovine Insulin will need to have their prescription changed.

Routine HPV vaccine reduces infection by 86%

A new study shows that routine vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has led to a substantial reduction in the number of young women who have the infection.

Syphilis and gonorrhoeae on the rise

Although the total number of diagnosed sexually transmitted infections in 2017 remained much the same as in 2016, there were substantial increases in the number of cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea, according to figures released by Public Health England.

Cancer cases predicted to rise

Cancer Research UK estimates that by 2035 about 234,000 over-75s will get cancer each year.

Novartis on track to launch Aimovig for the prevention of migraine

The CHMP has recommended that Aimovig (erenumab) be made available across the EU.

Health Watch - July 2018

Brian Collett brings you the month's research news with Healthwatch.

Joint resource on valproate published

The resource includes a decision pathway and key points for consideration to prompt conversations between the pharmacy team and their patients. 

Government aims to halve childhood obesity by 2030

Latest research has found that one in 25 children in England aged 10 or 11 are severely obese.

UTI guide added to PHE diagnostic collection

A quick reference guide for the diagnosis of urinary tract infections is being added to its collection of guides for the diagnosis of infectious diseases by Public Health England.
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E-cigarette key weapon in NHS arsenal, say MPs

E-cigarettes should not be treated in the same way as conventional cigarettes, say MPs.

FIP Fun Run to raise money for Pharmacist Support

The 5km fun run has been a popular social event at the congress for the past seven years.


E-cigarette key weapon in NHS arsenal, say MPs

E-cigarettes should not be treated in the same way as conventional cigarettes, say MPs.

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