Health Watch - April

Brian Collett brings you the month's news with Healthwatch. 

Charity concerned at vitamin D script cuts

National Osteoporosis Society warns that people needing vitamin D to maintain strong bones will struggle to sustain healthy levels. 

Health Watch - March 2018

The latest pharma research by Brian Collet.

Flu vaccine in pill form breakthrough

Researchers from Cardiff University have created the world’s first synthetic, non-biologic vaccine.  

Antibiotic resistance 'real and present danger', says RPS

No longer a hypothetical problem following new gonorrhoeae research.

Number of people living with diabetes doubles

New figures show that there are now almost 3.7 million people living with a diagnosis of the condition in the UK.

GSK recalls batches of Ventolin and Seretide

The action follows a manufacturing issue that the pharma giant says may result in a small number of Accuhaler devices not delivering the full number of doses.

Measles rebounds in Europe

Europe has seen a 400% increase in measles cases in 2017 compared to 2016.

Take care with Buccolam syringes

Pharmacists have been reminded to speak to parents and carers about carefully inspecting Buccolam pre-filled plastic syringes before giving the medicine.

NICE guidance: age related macular degeneration

People with suspected late AMD (wet active) should be referred to a macula service within one working day, says NICE in newly published guidance

Health Watch - February

February's health watch by Brian Collett covering asthma dialysis, smoking, immunity and more. 

PHE to review prescription drug addiction

The government has asked Public Health England to undertake an independent review into the growing problem of dependence and addiction to prescription drugs.

Co-dydramol: risk of medication error.

Previously co-dydramol was available only in the ratio 1:50 (co-dydramol 10/500 mg)

Confusing drug names

The MHRA has highlighted Yellow Card reports of harm following confusion between drugs. 

Jeremy Vine puts spotlight on dispensing errors

The BBC Radio 2 show discussed the recent case of a Slough pensioner who overdosed on her diabetes medicine

North east referral scheme trial eases NHS pressures

Since the project started, 1249 patients have been referred to local pharmacies during late night, weekend and out of hours periods.

PHE urges e-cigarettes on prescription

E-cigarettes should be available on prescription, according to Public Health England.

Gluten-free breads to remain on prescription

The decision has been driven by the concern that removing access would impact patient health in the long-term.

NHS urged to consider quadrivalent flu jab

The more expensive quadrivalent vaccines are the most prescribed influenza vaccine in the US.

Paracetamol best for sore throats, says NICE

Evidence reviewed by NICE found most people will get better without antibiotics.
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Health Watch - April

Brian Collett brings you the month's news with Healthwatch. 

PAGB pushes for 'self-care scripts'

The idea is for GPs to recommend appropriate over-the-counter (OTC) treatments and self-care advice for people with sel...



Lepicol Lighter is a natural food supplement which could assist in a customers’ weight loss journey.

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