Oral care

Fifty per cent of adults in the UK have not been to the dentist in two years. So how can community pharmacists help?

Early illness detection technology

It has become increasingly important to harness emerging technologies for the early detection of serious conditions.

First aid and wound care

Providing first aid advice and products is a central pillar of pharmacy practice but the public need more knowledge.

OTC casebook: Thrush

We take a look at the treatment options for vulvo-vaginal candidiasis. 

Vitamins, minerals and supplements

Despite the plethora of advice about healthy eating, many consumers still supplement their diet with vitamins. 

Prescription pregnancy

Victoria Goldman explores what concerns people when it comes to pregnancy and baby care. 

OTC casebook: Topical analgesics

Alan Nathan takes a look at the main types of topical analgesics.

OTC medicines casebook: Insomnia

Alan Nathan looks at a complex condition that affects many people.

OTC casebook: Pain

Alan Nathan examines the symptoms and OTC treatments for pain. 

Menopause for thought

Around one in 100 women experience the menopause before the age of 40. Alan Nathan answers some common questions.

No antibiotics for acute cough

Honey and over-the-counter guaifenesin or dextromethorphan have some remedies should be a patient’s first evidence of benefit for the relief of cough choice to treat a cough, not antibiotics.

Sourcing Specials

Victoria Goldman explores what you should expect from your specials supplier. 

New psoriasis medicine from Janssen

Janssen has launched Tremfya (guselkumab) in the UK for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Valproate use banned in women of childbearing age

 New restrictions have been put in place around the use of valproate. 

Private patients

With endometriosis being one of the major causes of female infertility, new NICE guidelines highlight the need for a greater awareness of its symptoms and treatment. Victoria Goldman reports

ESPAUR reveals antibiotic consumption data

Penicillins, tetracyclines and macrolides remain the most common drug classes prescribed in 2016.

New flu vaccine for over 65s

The new adjuvanted influenza vaccine boosts the immune response in adults aged 65 years and over, offering greater protection.

Thea Pharma ceases to market Teoptic

Thea Pharmaceuticals is withdrawing supply of Teoptic 2%.

Special delivery

The supply of specials involves ongoing collaboration and communication to ensure the dispensing process runs as smoothly as possible.

Medical devices: Council adopts new EU rules

Sid Dajani reports from Brussels for May 2017's Eye on Europe.

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