Cash no longer king

The days of clunky point-of-sale terminals are over and significant advances in contactless and mobile technology is revolutionising old methods of doing business, finds Matthew Chapman.

Well, it’s a start...

New dispensing error legislation is a step forward in protecting pharmacists but is no panacea, says Richard Hough.

Sitting in judgement

Richard Hough considers the recent case of Dr Bawa-Garba and the Government’s review into the charge of gross negligence manslaughter.

Better safe than sorry

Cyber security is an increasingly vital consideration for any business but the impending implementation of GDPR should place it at the top of the agenda, says Matthew Chapman.

Reform or be damned?

Richard Hough explores the mooted reforms to professional regulation.

Do the right thing!

Investing in digital learning can help to maximise team efficiencies, says Mukesh Lad

Embracing change

Emma Charlesworth, head of marketing at Numark, urges independents to adopt the mantra of adaptability to ensure success.

Play your cards right

When it comes to FTP hearings, a recent Supreme Court decision is likely to make decisions about dishonesty a lot easier, says Richard Hough

Looking after number one

When you’re running your own business or heading a team, it’s easy to forget there’s someone else you need to put centre stage sometimes – yourself.

Off to a healthy start

Hina Prajapati, Numark’s pharmacy services facilitator, outlines what you need to get HLP Level 1 accreditiation.

Time to take control

Dave Brittle, head of pharmacy stocktaking at Orridge, presents some do’s and don’ts when looking at stock control.

Off to a healthy start

Hina Prajapati, Numark’s pharmacy services facilitator, outlines what you need to get HLP Level 1 accreditiation.

Safe and sound

Richard Hough discusses the consultation on the regulation of unregistered pharmacy staff.  

The big chill

When it comes to pharmacy refrigeration don’t find yourself out in the cold.

Going against the grain

Richard Hough suggests that, counter-intuitively, the pharmacy cuts could actually lead to business expansion.

Team talk

When the pressure's on, delegation can be a game changer maintains Emma Charlesworth, head of marketing at Numark.

In search of the good life

Lifestyle lures are keeping the pharmacy market buoyant in the South West.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Richard Hough examines the potential pitfalls of collaborative working practices.

Are you malware aware?

Richard Hough advises on the best digital defence when it comes to patient data protection.

Standard procedures

Gary Choo, head of information services at Numark, explains how the new General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) standards will impact independents
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