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Pharmacist support resources

Equipping your pharmacy business with the tools to succeed

Boost you and your pharmacy team's skills using our comprehensive training and development support. Whether you want to add to the knowledge within your pharmacy in important therapy areas or help staff learn new patient engagement techniques, explore our selection of videos, e-learning and other resources designed to help you meet your goals.

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Mental health toolkit

Find out about common mental health disorders and the role of pharmacy in their management, plus recommended treatment interventions and guidance on engaging with these patients.

8 min module

therapy area

Covid-19 and mental health

Watch this roundup of global evidence of the impact of Covid-19 on mental health and see what pharmacy teams can take from this in order to help their patients - and each other.

3 min module


A guide to virtual consultations

skill training

In the wake of Covid-19, many community pharmacies are carrying out more consultations via the telephone or virtually. Patients are unlikely to recall and understand everything they are told in consultations.

So how can you improve your virtual consultations and help patients get the most from them?

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Confident connections

Module 1

Engaging with PCNs, local surgeries and HCPs is a key part of a pharmacist's role and this module describes an approach that can be used to get buy-in to ideas. This video is the first in the Confident Connections series.

14 min module

Module 2

This video explores how to improve connections with others, including customers and the wider healthcare team. It will get you thinking about how to view things from other people's perspectives.

10 min module

Module 3

How you can identify what to develop further from a list of potential ideas, and how to put the plans into action, bringing others along on the journey. The module considers these themes from a PCN perspective.

13 min module

Module 4

Find out more about the tools for mapping, engaging and building confident connections with stakeholders. This also includes how to identify and understand different segments of key stakeholders.

13 min module

Additional support tools

Here you can download some of our pharmacy service support documents, in addition to further mental health support tools.

More from Viatris

More from Viatris

Reporting of adverse reactions:
Please continue to report suspected adverse reactions with any medicine or vaccine to the MHRA through the Yellow Card Scheme. It is easiest and quickest to report adverse drug reactions online via the Yellow Card website: or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Alternatively, prepaid Yellow Cards for reporting are available by writing to FREEPOST YELLOW CARD (no other address details necessary), by emailing, at the back of the British National Formulary (BNF), by telephoning the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) free phone line: 0800-731-6789, or by downloading and printing a form from the Yellow Card section of the MHRA website.