Treatment of fungal infections

This module considers the management of fungal infections using OTC treatments

Nicotine replacement therapy (part two)

This article explains how to advise patients on the most effective use of various NRT formats.

Nicotine replacement therapy (part 1)

This article explains how to advise patients on the most effective use of gum and patch formats of NRT. Part 2 discusses other NRT formats.

Recommending vitamin D to your customers

This module highlights new government guidelines on the intake of vitamin D and the fantastic opportunity this creates for pharmacy.

Skin conditions

Tips on managing skin conditions OTC

OTC treatment of warts and verrucas

A summary of OTC treatment for warts and verrucas

Managing motion sickness

A summary of OTC medicines used to treat motion sickness

OTC oral care

Refresh your knowledge on fluoride supplements and treatments for gingivitis and oral thrush

OTC acne treatment

This article discusses the various types of topical acne treatment and their effectiveness

OTC treatment of haemorrhoids

Alan Nathan summarises the contents and mode of action, and use of OTC haemorrhoid preparations

OTC treatment of colic and infant pain

Colic is a distressing condition for babies and parents alike, although the causes remain unknown. Alan Nathan explains how OTC medicines can be used to ease symptoms

OTC Medicines Checklist: Managing Constipation, part 1

Alan Nathan considers bulk-forming and osmotic laxatives. See part 2 for stimulant laxatives and a faecal softener

OTC Medicines Checklist: Minor Eye Infections

Alan Nathan summarises the key points to consider when managing minor eye infections

OTC Medicines Checklist: Head Lice Treatments

Alan Nathan considers the pros and cons of neurotoxic and physical insecticides, and wet combing

OTC Medicines Checklist: Managing Constipation, part 2

Alan Nathan considers the use of stimulant laxatives and a faecal softener. See part 1 for bulk-forming and osmotic laxatives
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